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Krista Bronisas, MS, LMFT - Therapist/ Coach/ Consultant

Healing and Repair Starts Here

Therapy for individuals and couples seeking a positive change in their lives and relationships.

Meet Krista.

I work mostly with high-profile individuals who want to make their personal life as successful as their business life. I help them improve interpersonal/ professional relationships, self- confidence, while relieving stress and anxiety. I combine traditional Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Consulting practices to best meet my clients' desired goals and achieve desired outcomes. 

Call or Text me when you are ready to

"Make Things Happen" 

 Therapist Krista Bronisas
Therapy Service

Therapy Services

Client Testimonials

Robbie White

"Within minutes of my first session with Krista Bronisas, I could feel my stress and worries melting away. They took care of me, making sure I was on the right path to personal wellbeing.

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