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Why Private Pay Therapy Benefits You

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

“Concierge therapy” can be defined as a “total-care” service system implementing an anytime, anywhere practice model whereby clients have the security in knowing that their mental health provider will be available whenever the need arises. This "total-care" service offers flexible, immediate, and individualized treatment through various service models and retainer-style or membership -based fee programs. The concierge private-pay structure allows providers to define a treatment arrangement that is more convenient and comprehensive for the client than regular private pay structures, and it allows the provision of services without the restrictions of insurance regulations, insurance adjusters, or their third party adjusting agencies. The benefit of this model is that it allows therapists to focus on the client’s treatment needs, rather than on watching the session clock and filling out insurance forms. Simply put, the provider’s attention is placed solely on the client.

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